Prejudice BOXED 






by Tony Coffey


Produced at Nottingham Playhouse by


Landau Forte Youth Theatre



Winners of


  'The Outstanding Performance Award' 1995 


at the National Music Theatre Festival


 Supporting The Royal School for The Deaf 


Perry Jackson        Matthew Harris 

James Snowdon

 Sarah Holme         Joanna Meads   

Beth Harris

Tom Fearn          Charlotte Clarke

 Carianne Purcell,

Zoe Tizzard          Demelza Edyvean

Richard Levy

Simon Goring         Joanna Meads 

 Kelly Green

Adam Moore        Scott Mozley

Marie Allen

Jody Barker         Sarah Bull 

Holly Hamilton,

Debbie Hawkes         Gemma Jones

 Sandra Lee 

Gemma Lomas        Jade Monroe

Stacey Norman

Sarah Phillips         Debbie Redington

Amelia Rodgers

Philip Rose        Simon White

Lauren Walendziewski

Gareth Young        Claire Zolkiewicz.


Jimmy and smiles
Jimmy and smiles
jimmy Boxed
jimmy Boxed
jimmy and Joanna
jimmy and Joanna
Anyone seen Jimmy?
Anyone seen Jimmy?
Jimmy and All
Jimmy and All
Albert and Adam
Albert and Adam
Adam again_
Adam again_
and again?
and again?

This box was put together by Tony Coffey.

Built on a very firm base, then illuminated by Jim Rolley .

With corners of support from Emma Meredith and Liz Wing.

Some sharp edges of choreography by Elizabeth Keogh and Anne Holland.

Framed by Malcolm Wilson.  Sweetened by Karen Betteridge and Sue Shore.

Sold by John Carey and Rebecca Carr.  Fronted by Patrick Marshall.

Wrapped in costume by Frances Lucas, Kirsten Plant, Liz Wing, 

Emma Meredith, and Britt Haywood.  Printed by Judith Wood.

Refreshed by Jo Harrison.  Technically supported by Gareth Harris, John Laffin, Tracey Cooper, Beth Mepstead, Chris Canto, Stacey Barrett, Laura Fitchett and Rebecca Carr.


Interpreted by Soujan Basra, Hilary Moore and Jane

Commentary by Carolyn Merrin and Emma Meredith.

Then filled with the talent, enthusiasm and commitment of some very

unsquare students who took the box to London and were voted the Outstanding Performance at the National Music Theatre Festival.

Then produced at Nottingham Playhouse with help from Colin Ash